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Dovile Sinke’s bio  Dovile Sinke is an online business coach who helps ambitious women start and scale their online businesses to create their freedom lifestyles. Dovile Sinke is also the founder of the GoMama Mompreneurs community in Lithuania and a cofounder of Sinkusstudio, an SEO agency.  Dovile Sinke’s experience in corporate banking Dovile worked in the […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Leaving A 9-5 Job & Going Full-Time In Business at the “Wrong Time” with Dovile Sinke

Jamie Bendorf’s bio Jamie Bendorf is a relationship infertility coach. She helps married couples dealing with infertility to wade through the disappointments of infertility so that they can enjoy the process of creating a family.  Jamie Bendorf’s infertility journey Jamie was young when she got married at only 20 years old. She and her husband […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Infertility, Marriage and Business with Jamie Bendorf

Alexandra Ramirez bio Alexandra Ramirez is a Facebook Ads coach and funnel expert who helps her clients make money on the internet using simple funnels and Facebook ads. Additionally, she is the founder and owner of the Freedom Ads Agency, which helps coaches scale businesses to create freedom in their lives.  Alexandra’s husband’s illness and […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Business Ownership, Motherhood & Chemotherapy with Alex Ramirez

Bianca’s bio  Bianca Thomas is an entrepreneur, a cognitive-behavioral therapist, and a success coach. She is also a co-founder and host of Evolve Ventures podcast, which focuses on evolving the mindset of listeners to shift to their unlimited potential.  Her childhood background  Bianca shares how she grew up causing mayhem as a child. Additionally, she […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

A Journey Toward Self-Love and Self-Belief with Bianca Thomas

When we’re thinking about scaling businesses, it’s not enough to just think about paying our personal bills anymore. We want to think about our long-term growth goals for our COMPANY and pricing our services in a way that ALLOWS that to happen. That means NOT charging hourly bc there are only so many hours in […]

Scaling Your Business

How To Price Your Services In A Scalable Way

Chryssy Robinson’s bio [00:25] Chryssy Robinson is a business coach and a brand strategist who helps her clients design and implement creative solutions for their businesses.  How Chryssy started creating routines [04:29] When Chryssy started working on her business, she worked with many clients and was undercharging for her services. This increased her workload and […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Creating Routines That Work for You with Chryssy Robinson

People tend to overthink for a few reasons – They don’t trust THEMSELVES to make the right decision They’re AFRAID that if they do something wrong or make the wrong decision they’ll get reprimanded, made fun of ..etc. They’re worried they’ll FAIL This all boils down to one thing – FEAR!And a lot of the […]

Scaling Your Business

How overthinking is holding you back from success

Kristin Ostrander’s bio Kristin Ostrander is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker. She is the founder of and the host of The Amazon Files podcast.  Kristin’s journey that led her to start her business  Kristin started her business journey after she got married and became a mom. By then, she was working opposite shifts […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Overcoming Failures in eCommerce with Kristin Ostrander

You don’t need more time. You need to refine your business model.You don’t need more TIME in your day…We’ve all heard the saying that we have the same amount of time as Beyonce and that’s because it’s true. Yes, she has a massive team of people around her BUT it’s because she set up her […]

Scaling Your Business

You Don’t Need More TIME; You Need To Do This Instead

Christine Hansen is an award-winning business coach and consultant for online entrepreneurs who want to embrace their inner lazy, profit like a pro, creating impact with integrity.  Christine’s attitude about kids  Christine shares that she has never been one to obsess over having and/or wanting children. On the first date with the ex-husband, she opened […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

The Unconventional Side Of Motherhood With Christine Hansen

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