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Alecia Kaye’s bio Alecia is an Funnel Gorgeous Society master marketer and a certified director of operations who helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level What she was doing in the corporate tech world before starting her business Before starting her own business, Alecia was in the corporate tech world, where she worked […]

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Starting A Business After A Life-Changing Event in Her 40s with Alecia Kaye

You’re booked out – woo! The goal is to book out your services, right? But what happens if you’re booked out but NOT hitting your revenue or lifestyle goals yet? We need to take a step back and re-evaluate your business – Are you undercharging? Are you offering more than ONE service? Are the RIGHT […]

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You’re Booked Out. Now What?

Get to know our guest, Deborah Leblanc  Deborah is an entrepreneur, a renowned motivational and transformational speaker, a best-selling author, a licensed death scene investigator, and a certified Master Hypnotherapist. Additionally, she has been a paranormal investigator for over 27 years. Why she got into entrepreneurship Deborah shares that her father inspired her in her […]

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The Truth About Spirits and Paranormal Investigations with Deborah LeBlanc

I know that MANY of you want to have that successful 6-figure business and I’m helping you personally create that business inside of Six-Figure Foundation so you can reach the goals that you have in your plan.It starts with making sure the FOUNDATIONAL elements in your business are setup to actually reach your goals. If […]

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3 Things I Did To Retire My Husband

Coralee Zueff is the founder of the Passing Lane Company on Vancouver Island, which specializes in automotive service advisor training. Additionally, she is a sales consultant and the author of the “Five Star Service Advisor” book.   How Coralee got started in the automotive industry When Coralee was in high school, she wasn’t sure of the […]

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Life As a Female in the Automotive Industry with Coralee Zueff

If you don’t know WHAT to do every day in your business it’s because you don’t have COMPLETE clarity on the ONE problem that you solve & the ONE person that you solve it for. When you understand these 2 things, showing up and marketing your business is easy.You never wonder what you should say…because […]

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Don’t know what to do next in your business? Do this!

Chelsea is a Pinterest strategist who helps female entrepreneurs strategically grow their email list, generate quality leads, and increase website traffic with the power of Pinterest. How Chelsea’s journey to entrepreneurship started After working from home during the pandemic, Chelsea realized that she enjoyed the work from home life because it allowed her to spend […]

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Leaving A Stable Teaching Career to Step Into Entrepreneurship with Chelsea Hall

When you’re marketing your business, you always want to focus on the transformation that the potential client receives. 👆 We’ve all heard this, right? And that’s because it’s true! Your potential clients are coming to YOU because they know you can help them get a desired result in their business. Most people make this harder […]

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What Your Client ACTUALLY Wants

Nicky Merrick helps people who sew run successful businesses so they can earn money from their talents. Additionally, Nicky is a podcast host, a blogger, and a disability advocate. How Nicky started her business journey  Nicky started her journey in business 15 years ago as a photographer. She started the Pink Giraffe photography company, which […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Running A Business With Multiple Sclerosis with Nicky Merrick

“I want to love my business but I’m so overwhelmed!””I want to figure out how to find/sign quality clients!””I don’t know what I need to do to grow my business!” These are a few comments I’ve heard from people who have applied to work with me in the past couple of weeks. The common thread […]

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