Set UpTo

The 3-part training series that shows you how to set up the foundations to scale your service-based biz to 6+ figures with a team of 2 or 20!


...aka you'll walk away with a complete, step-by-step plan to at least cut your workload in half (or more)!

The challenge starts on October 20! Register now to save your spot!

You tell them that when they hire you, they will - 
• Spend more time with their families
• Focus on their passion projects
• Start that course they've had on the back burner for months
• Have the time to be more creative
• Be able to actually take a vacation

You're telling potential clients that they need help but are you taking that same advice in your own business? 

But where does that leave you and YOUR business at the end of the day?
• Spending less time with your family
• Not sleeping well (or much at all)
• No time to create content and market yourself



Even though YOU'RE helping in other people's businesses, you're running a business too.
It's time to remember that and get the right help that you need!

just imagine


✓  Working less than 20 hours/week and making 3-5X what you're making now!

✓ Successfully managing a team & delegating the RIGHT tasks so you can stay in your zone of genius

Hiring the RIGHT team members that you trust to execute your vision

✓ Confident about outsourcing because you know you WILL make that investment back

Making your life easier & honoring your energy..every single day!

You are more than capable (& worthy) of running a company that serves your clients while giving you YOUR time back too!


Set UpTo

...and I'm showing you how in


Most business coaches don't teach this because they don't know HOW to!

They don't know how to set up a business in a holistic manner.

They teach you how to niche yourself, market & sell your services, close the client, bring in consistent revenue..etc.

I teach all of this PLUS show you how to make sure the back end of your business is set up in a way that's truly sustainable and scalable!


What do you get when you combine insane amounts of organization, the chaotic life of raising a toddler and the drive for an insane amount of success? Stephanie Blake!

After more than 10 years in a digital marketing agency, Steph decided that she was ready to go full force in her virtual assistant biz to help other entrepreneurs automate & organize the backend.

The end result? $10K+ months, completely booked out & ready to teach other women to do the same thing!

What began as a tiny dream to eventually help other moms stay home with their kids, turned into an obsession that she's fully invested in as a coach & business strategist!

Meet Steph!


on the agenda


Having the right mindset is crucial when you start to scale your business & grow your team.

We're focusing on this right away to make sure you're set up for success & fully embracing the next-level version of yourself!


Now that you're in CEO mode, let's get some of that work off of your plate 👏

You'll learn how to decide what you NEED to be working on and what you can outsource to your current (or future) team.


Now that you know what you/your team needs to focus on, it's time to create the systems to outsource!

You'll get my exact SOP (standard operating procedure) template & a step-by-step breakdown for how to use/implement it.

yes! I'm in!


Join Steph for a live, CEO training session + Q&A session to ask any questions about the content in the bootcamp to ensure you fully understand what she's sharing and can implement in your business right away!

As soon as you sign up, you'll find out how to get exclusive access to an advanced training with the 5 elements that every service-based business needs to be successful for no extra charge! Join the bootcamp to get the secret instructions to get access to this advanced training!

October 20-27
Keep these dates free to work through the content & implement in your biz!

They expire on 10/27 at 11:59pm CST.

Binge The Trainings
On Oct 20, you'll be able to watch all of the trainings right away. No waiting around for them to drip out!

Bring A Notebook & Pen
Worksheets will be provided but come ready to take a ton of notes! You're going to learn a TON!


Access to all the trainings, templates, worksheets & coaching on everything you need to set up the foundations to bring on team members and scale your biz!

Live Q&A session to get your questions answered

Bonus, live CEO training with Steph

Bonus, advanced training with the 5 most important elements needed to scale your service-based business

all for just $25!


Stressed Out Solopreneurs
You’re working all the time on client projects. You’re worried about hiring help because you don’t think someone can do the work for your clients as well as you can. You don’t have enough money to cover the costs of hiring a team member.

You’re booked out with a waitlist because you do a great job but you’re at the end of your rope - you need help!

Scaling to CEO
You have a team member or two that you’re outsourcing tasks to for your business. You understand the importance of outsourcing work but finding GOOD people to hire is hard.

It’s hard for you to trust people to do the work as well as you do & communicate with your clients. You’re ready to hit those big income goals of 6+ figures but you don’t know WHAT you need to do to get there.

Active Agency Owner
You have an agency and things are successful but you've grown too quickly and you can't keep up with demand. You have the clients in place to pay the bills for yourself & your team but the backend is a disaster.

You have no (or very few) processes in place and you know that it's not sustainable to keep running your business this way. You have never managed a team before and feel like every day is a struggle to keep up with the day to day...let alone inspire & lead your team!


Set UpTo

Anyone Thinking About Outsourcing
Even if you're a tiny bit interested in outsourcing work to another person at SOME POINT, you need to sign up.

Whether you're brand new or an advanced service-provider with years of experience, you will leave this challenge with new strategies & actionable steps that you can start using right away!

i want to join!

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You have two options - 

1) Continue to do this all on your own and cut your client load

2) Build a stable business that supports your current and future growth
If you're going with #2, click the button below to instantly watch the training that will help you set up the foundations of your business to be TRULY scalable for the long-term.

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