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You’re booked out – woo! The goal is to book out your services, right? But what happens if you’re booked out but NOT hitting your revenue or lifestyle goals yet? We need to take a step back and re-evaluate your business – Are you undercharging? Are you offering more than ONE service? Are the RIGHT […]

Scaling Your Business

You’re Booked Out. Now What?

I know that MANY of you want to have that successful 6-figure business and I’m helping you personally create that business inside of Six-Figure Foundation so you can reach the goals that you have in your plan.It starts with making sure the FOUNDATIONAL elements in your business are setup to actually reach your goals. If […]

Scaling Your Business

3 Things I Did To Retire My Husband

If you don’t know WHAT to do every day in your business it’s because you don’t have COMPLETE clarity on the ONE problem that you solve & the ONE person that you solve it for. When you understand these 2 things, showing up and marketing your business is easy.You never wonder what you should say…because […]

Scaling Your Business

Don’t know what to do next in your business? Do this!

When you’re marketing your business, you always want to focus on the transformation that the potential client receives. 👆 We’ve all heard this, right? And that’s because it’s true! Your potential clients are coming to YOU because they know you can help them get a desired result in their business. Most people make this harder […]

Scaling Your Business

What Your Client ACTUALLY Wants

“I want to love my business but I’m so overwhelmed!””I want to figure out how to find/sign quality clients!””I don’t know what I need to do to grow my business!” These are a few comments I’ve heard from people who have applied to work with me in the past couple of weeks. The common thread […]

Scaling Your Business

Why You Need A Signature Offer

On an almost daily basis, I hear the same thing from people “I don’t know what to post about on social media”. If you don’t know what to post about, your business is too complicated. Posting on social media and speaking to your TRUE ideal client is easy when you know – • WHO this […]

Scaling Your Business

Not sure what to post about?

I hear a lot of people say they don’t know HOW to market their business. But you DO know how to market your business because you market for OTHER businesses all the time.Your favorite restaurant that you tell someone they have to go to? Marketing. The new iPhone that’s coming out that you can’t wait […]

Scaling Your Business

How To Start Marketing Your Business Today..Even If You Don’t Know How To

If you’ve ever felt like you worked all day but got nothing done, you’re not alone. Too many times, I see entrepreneurs working for the sake of it and NOT being strategic with WHAT they’re working on. And I’ve seen this happen at every level of business – from level 1 through 7-figure business owners.As […]

Scaling Your Business

How To Successfully Manage Your Time As An Entrepreneur

One big mistake I see business owners making is feeling like they’re stuck on the ‘revenue rollercoaster’. They don’t have predictable revenue coming into their businesses so they can’t make decisions in a way that an actual CEO would. They can’t make investments or hire team members because they don’t know how much money will […]

Scaling Your Business

How To Get 0ff The ‘Revenue Rollercoaster’

Stepping into your most confident self isn’t an easy thing to do. For many of us, we have told ourselves (or others have told us) that we’re not – Good enough Smart enough Pretty enough Thin enough Outgoing enough [INSERT YOUR OWN HERE] enough But when you STOP thinking about what everyone else thinks and […]

Scaling Your Business

Embracing The CEO In You

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