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Alecia Kaye’s bio Alecia is an Funnel Gorgeous Society master marketer and a certified director of operations who helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level What she was doing in the corporate tech world before starting her business Before starting her own business, Alecia was in the corporate tech world, where she worked […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Starting A Business After A Life-Changing Event in Her 40s with Alecia Kaye

Get to know our guest, Deborah Leblanc  Deborah is an entrepreneur, a renowned motivational and transformational speaker, a best-selling author, a licensed death scene investigator, and a certified Master Hypnotherapist. Additionally, she has been a paranormal investigator for over 27 years. Why she got into entrepreneurship Deborah shares that her father inspired her in her […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

The Truth About Spirits and Paranormal Investigations with Deborah LeBlanc

Coralee Zueff is the founder of the Passing Lane Company on Vancouver Island, which specializes in automotive service advisor training. Additionally, she is a sales consultant and the author of the “Five Star Service Advisor” book.   How Coralee got started in the automotive industry When Coralee was in high school, she wasn’t sure of the […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Life As a Female in the Automotive Industry with Coralee Zueff

Chelsea is a Pinterest strategist who helps female entrepreneurs strategically grow their email list, generate quality leads, and increase website traffic with the power of Pinterest. How Chelsea’s journey to entrepreneurship started After working from home during the pandemic, Chelsea realized that she enjoyed the work from home life because it allowed her to spend […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Leaving A Stable Teaching Career to Step Into Entrepreneurship with Chelsea Hall

Nicky Merrick helps people who sew run successful businesses so they can earn money from their talents. Additionally, Nicky is a podcast host, a blogger, and a disability advocate. How Nicky started her business journey  Nicky started her journey in business 15 years ago as a photographer. She started the Pink Giraffe photography company, which […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Running A Business With Multiple Sclerosis with Nicky Merrick

Rachael McBay’s bio Rachael McBay is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs sustainably scale their income and impact through funnels and technology. Hear more at [1:02].  How Rachael’s journey to entrepreneurship started  When she was 7 years old, she started a tube rental business with her sister, who was 14, and they operated together until […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Losing Your Identity While Pivoting in Life & Business with Rachael McBay

Laura Hales bio Laura Hales is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, a voice actor, and an autism activist. Additionally, she is a children’s book author. Laura’s journey to personal training business started  After seeing what her sister, a personal trainer, could do for people, Laura developed an interest in personal training. After studying […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

How Raising 2 Autistic Sons Led This Woman to the Publishing Industry with Laura Hales

Dovile Sinke’s bio  Dovile Sinke is an online business coach who helps ambitious women start and scale their online businesses to create their freedom lifestyles. Dovile Sinke is also the founder of the GoMama Mompreneurs community in Lithuania and a cofounder of Sinkusstudio, an SEO agency.  Dovile Sinke’s experience in corporate banking Dovile worked in the […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Leaving A 9-5 Job & Going Full-Time In Business at the “Wrong Time” with Dovile Sinke

Jamie Bendorf’s bio Jamie Bendorf is a relationship infertility coach. She helps married couples dealing with infertility to wade through the disappointments of infertility so that they can enjoy the process of creating a family.  Jamie Bendorf’s infertility journey Jamie was young when she got married at only 20 years old. She and her husband […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Infertility, Marriage and Business with Jamie Bendorf

Alexandra Ramirez bio Alexandra Ramirez is a Facebook Ads coach and funnel expert who helps her clients make money on the internet using simple funnels and Facebook ads. Additionally, she is the founder and owner of the Freedom Ads Agency, which helps coaches scale businesses to create freedom in their lives.  Alexandra’s husband’s illness and […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Business Ownership, Motherhood & Chemotherapy with Alex Ramirez

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