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Kelly Smith’s bio  Kelly Smith is a marketing strategist, website designer, and host of the Marketing Chat Podcast. Additionally, Kelly is the author of The Podcast Launch Playbook and the founder of the Women Podcasters Academy. Kelly’s journey that led her to start her business  Before getting into business, Kelly was a stay-at-home mom. She […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Bi-Polar Disorder as an Entrepreneur with Kelly Smith

Get to know our guest; Mallory McGary  Mallory McGary is a women’s empowerment coach and the founder & CEO of Beautifully Blooming. She helps moms who have gotten lost in the title of motherhood find their identity as a woman and a mom. The journey that led her to start her business  Before starting her […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Overcoming Mom Guilt with Mallory McGary

Cory Zacker’s bio Cory Zacker is a business strategist & positive psychology coach who helps service-based business owners with hiring, team management, systems, and mindset. Cory’s journey to starting her business  Before starting her business, Cory worked in a corporate job in Los Angeles, where the traffic was awful. She was commuting for over three […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Rocking Entrepreneurship in Your 40s, 50s (Or Older) With Cory Zacker

Karianne Munstedt’s bio  Karianne Munstedt is a portrait photographer and a body acceptance and self-love coach. Why she left her corporate job Before moving into photography and coaching, Karianne was in a corporate job for seventeen years. However, even though she was doing well in corporate, she found it soul-sucking. Additionally, Karianne felt her corporate career […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

A Body Acceptance & Self-Love Journey with Karianne Munstedt

Emily Reagan’s bio Emily Reagan is a digital marketer & coach who helps people learn in-demand digital marketing implementation skills to start their freedom-based freelance businesses. Additionally, she works with online course creators and coaches to build their marketing funnels and launch their digital offers. Emily’s military life and freelance journey At [01:19], Emily shares […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Behind the Scenes of Military Spouse Life with Emily Reagan

Regina Schoenberger’s bio Regina Schoenberger is the owner of wild woman underwear, a sustainable and ethical underwear brand based in Berlin, Germany. What she was doing before she moved into the fashion industry  Regina joined a management consulting firm immediately after completing her university, where she worked for five years. While working for the firm, […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Starting A Fashion Brand Without a Fashion Background with Regina Schoenberger

Meg Stewart’s bio Meg Stewart is a freelance writer, content creator, tech, and business coach for SEO. Additionally, Meg is the founder of Freelance Ladder, a coaching program designed to teach writers and business creatives the basics of SEO, technology, and freelancing. Meg’s journey into freelancing Before moving into freelancing, Meg worked in education at […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

What 20+ Years of Freelancing and Life as a Single Mom Taught This Woman with Meg Stewart

Phaedra Studt bio Phaedra Studt is a professional home organizer and the founder of practical possibilities in Chicago, Illinois, which help small space dwellers organize their homes so that they can have more serenity and less stress. Her journey to starting her home organization business  Before starting the home organization business, Phaedra was stuck in […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

The Pros & Cons of Working from Home with Your Partner with Phaedra Studt

Ellyse Colson’s bio  Ellyse Colson is a coach for freelancing moms looking to create a sustainable business and avoid burnout by making at least $5k/month while only working 20 hours a week. What she was doing before she moved into business  Before moving into business, Ellyse was a teacher for six years. When her first […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Navigating Overwhelm as A Mom and Business Owner with Ellyse Colson

Natalie Perkins bio Natalie Perkins is the founder and CEO of Bella Ballerina studios which has corporate and franchise locations. Additionally, she has a private label dancewear brand and does online coaching and consulting to help other dance studios uplevel their businesses. Where she got the idea of opening a dance studio When her daughter […]

Behind Their Business Podcast

Lessons from Franchising with Natalie Perkins

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